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Fitness Videos

Check out our resistance training videos.

Press play on the video you want to see, then click the button in the bottom right of the video for full screen or watch it on You Tube.

Seated Calf Raise


Plate Loaded Squat Press

Hip Adduction


Hip Abduction

Hammer Strength V-Squat


Cybex Row

Cybex Leg Press


Cybex Lat Pulldown

Cybex Leg Curl


Cybex Lateral Raise

Cybex Eagle Rear Delt


Cybex Eagle Leg Extension

Cybex Eagle Fly


Cybex Chest Press

Cybex Back Extension


Cybex Arm Extension

Cybex Arm Curl


Cybex Eagle Abdominals

Cable Lat Pulldown


Assisted Dip
Assisted Chin  


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