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Adelphi has all kinds of athletes. Join a club and have fun.

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Baseball Club

The Baseball Club was established in the fall of 2013 and is always looking for players to establish a solid roster for practices and future competitions. The baseball club team belongs to the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association) and competes in fall and spring games.

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Bhangra Dance Team

AU Bhangra is a newly established dance team as of 2016. Bhangra is a traditional folk-dance of the Punjab region of Northern India and is both a competitive and recreational sport. Members will be training to maximize energy, maintain lively facial expressions, and perform unique cultural choreography. This team participates in both off and on campus events and competitions. 

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Bollywood Dance – “AU Sapna”

Bollywood is a form of Indian dance fusion. Established in 2012, this club performs and competes mostly on campus, but also takes part in off campus competitions and events.

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Equestrian Club

The equestrian club was established in 2012. The club is both competitive and recreational.

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fencing-club-adelphiFencing Club

The fencing club was established in 2010. The goal of the club is to provide both male and female students an opportunity to experience this unique sport through instruction and competition. The club is constantly active with its members working together for training and fundraising. 

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mens-soccer-club-auMen’s Soccer Club

The men’s soccer club has been active since March 2010. They are looking for players who enjoy soccer and have a drive to play at a competitive level. The team will practice at least two days a week, and plans to compete against local clubs. Tryouts will be held at the beginning of each semester.

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Strength & Fitness Club

Established in Fall 2016, the goal of the Strength and Fitness club is to bring people together who share a common interest in strength training and fitness. And those who want to learn more about strength training and fitness in general.

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Men’s Basketball Club

Established in May 2009, the men’s basketball club scrimmages against local clubs and parctipate in various regional tournaments. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester.

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Hip Hop Dance – “Evolution”

Established in Spring 2005, the Hip-Hop Club offers instruction, performance and competition in the hip-hop style of dance for students.

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Step Team – “AU Paws”


This club was added to the roster of Sport Clubs in Spring 2005. Already in existence for several years, the STEP team offers instruction, participation, and competition in the exciting emerging art of STEP dance and performance.

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Ultimate Frisbee Club

This club offers instruction, practice and competition in the rising sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Established in Fall 2003, the Ultimate Frisbee club travels to other institutions and competes with other intercollegiate clubs. The Ultimate Frisbee club is an extremely active and visible enterprise on campus. The Adelphi club team has had competitive outings over the years with the likes of Hofstra, Columbia, Princeton, University of Rhode Island, and the University of North Carolina, and last year Adelphi hosted its own tournament! Participation is open to all registered Adelphi students.

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Women’s Soccer Club

This club began in the fall of 2014. Tryouts are held in September and the club practices 2-3 times weekly and competes in a regional women’s club soccer league

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